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jeudi 11 septembre 2008


ajdfjiad I am Tamara Albaitis a citizen of the Universe - flesh and bone just like you who reads this - i have been thrown on a boat with brilliant people - but I am mute because of language - this trip has become about language - I am stuck within my intellectual English-speaking mind, all to myself - and i wonder, does it matter anyway ?

meaning ?

It is interesting words and meanings - A sea of unfamiliar sounds, that create meaning for some, just associations for me. My lack of French, amongst all French friends, has provoked a more complex meaning of communication and language. I am forced to hone in more on a 6th sense - A way to communicate without words - A way to express without using a string of letters that are connected to words, that are connected to phrases that are connected to subjective thoughts, that are connected to a better understanding.